Wells Bells

The ChanneI Islands’ Ringing Centre

Wells Bells will be at the heart of the Channel Islands’ Ringing Centre – a purpose built training venue – incorporating a Higby simulator with large TV running Abel and a 3 cwt peal of 8 which will ring/turn as if they weighed 5 cwt. Wells Bells have now been ordered from Matthew Higby, they will be contained in a totally soundproof purpose built structure so will be available 24/7. They will provide an easy practice facility for learners and a rewarding instrument for visiting & local peal/qtr peal/practice ringers.

Bell details:

Bell Dia (ins) Dia (mm) Fin Wt Date Founder
1 14.6 371 0-3-0 2012 Whitechapel
2 15.5 394 0-3-23 2017 Matthew Higby & Co
3 16.5 419 1-0-10 2017 Matthew Higby & Co
4 17.5 445 1-0-11 2014 Whitechapel
5 18.5 470 1-0-25 2017 Matthew Higby & Co
6 19.5 495 1-2-0 1866 Taylor
7 21.33 542 1-3-11 1911 Mears & Stainbank
8 23.85 606 2-2-8 1968 Taylor



As expected from a Ringing Centre it will include a toilet, kitchenette, comfy sofa, handbells, a video link from the bells to the ringing chamber and easy parking. The Ringing Centre will be used for Open Days, general recruitment activities and of course support training initiatives across the Channel Islands eg handling workshops, triples weekends and surprise major events.

Wells bells will be a sister peal to the new bells at St Mary’s, Dunmanway, Ireland. They are also similar to the popular ring at St Agatha’s in Portsmouth and should be installed Sept 4-8th 2017. The first peal is planned for Oct 22nd by an invitation band ringing Wells Delight Major: Helen, Peter, Stephen, Jenny, Jack, Daniel, John Wells and June Wells 🙂