Alderney – The Ringing Isle

Alderney is the third largest of the Channel Islands and can justifiably be called “The Ringing Isle”. We invite you to visit and discover Bell Ringing in this enviably relaxing environment.

Alderney Band, August 2015

Alderney Band, Ringing the twelve, August 2015 (photo Paul Wells)

Click to listen to the local Sunday Service band ringing all 12 bells

Alderney is just a mile wide and three miles long with just two thousand friendly and welcoming inhabitants, twenty of whom are Bell Ringers.

Whilst being remote, Alderney is surprisingly well-connected with direct scheduled air links from Southampton and Guernsey. Alderney has its own airport and harbour.

Ringing centres around the 12 bells cast by Taylors of Loughborough. These are the finest ring of bells in the Channel Islands, and one of the most magnificent in the Diocese. A new 3cwt peal of 8 are to be installed at Wells House summer 2017 by Higby and Co, so the band will have an additional venue. The “Wells Bells” ringing centre will be the first dedicated secular teaching facility in the Channel Islands.

A greater percentage of the population of Alderney ring bells than anywhere else in the world and we would welcome you to join us, whether you are a ringer or would simply like to “have a go”. But be warned. Having visited, you may feel the urge to stay and never return to the UK!

Alderney is an oasis of calm, with an ancient and varied history, a diverse range of flora and fauna, beautiful beaches and that unique, contagious phenomenon known as “the Alderney Feeling”.

5 thoughts on “Alderney – The Ringing Isle

  1. Provisional enquiry as I hope to come and ring the bells July 3rd/4th
    I came in 05 but the plane didn’t come to Alderney due to fog, so I am thinking
    of coming by sea this time! I would hope to stay for 2 nights, and have time
    to see the island

  2. Hi Jill

    We will be happy to see you. Will you be bringing a band? Are you hoping to ring a peal? Please contact me via the contact us page and then we can discuss details.


  3. Visiting handbell ringers are invited to join Helen McGregor Peter Bevis for their regular Tuesday night practice rounds to Surprise major in hand with the Alderney Handbell Band everyone welcome.

  4. Hi

    I’m visiting Alderney 1-3 September and wondered if it would be ok to join you for the practice on Saturday 2 September?



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